ATM Anti theft & Ram-raid devices

ATM Bollards and Bases

Various models designed to suit specific sites with the bollards:-

  • beside
  • in front of,
  • or on all four corners

of any Lobby ATM adapting to the location and service clearances.


For those environments’ where core drilling is not desired and is more cost effective.

The Bollards can be filled for additional protection and an Anchor Plate and Chain System can also be incorporated.

The Anchor Plate and Chain can be exposed or hidden in a tailored litter bin.


ATM Anchor Plate and Chain

ATM Anchor Plate and Chains are suited to Lobby and through the wall ATM’s.

They are :-

Brief overview on the ATM Anchor Plate and Chain product (for Lobby devices) and material used.

The complete unit:-

  • Is compact,
  • Retains it’s strength in the material used, and construction method
  • Allows fitting in tighter locations.
  • Reusable
  • Overcomes the problems of having chain within the dispensing unit/safe which could cause dispensing malfunctions.
  • The bolts, once fitted are not readily accessible.

We also have a similar device for Through The Wall ATMs, which can anchor to the side plate of the safe and also the base plate (in the case of new installations).

Description of ATM Anchor Plate and Chain ;

 Anchor Plate 

Manufactured from 15mm mild steel.

Anchor points are 2 HSL TZM16/125 Red Head Hilti Bolts or 2 x Ramset 20mm Drop

Anchors with 20mm High Tensile Bolts.

Eye Bolts (25mm) 

10 Tonne Force (Pulling Power)

Chain (13mm)

Material used – case hardened, high tensile manganese alloy steel.

Resist attack from hacksaw, pliers, hammer, bolt cutters and any other mechanical cutting device.

15 Tonne Force (Pulling Power)

As we use endless chain no padlock required overcoming one more weak point.

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